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Precision care for helping navigate the dynamic transitions of midlife.

Jenny O'Meara

Friend, Steward, Expert 

I've figured out the UK menopause system so you don't have to. 

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Why Menopause?

For over twenty-five years I've been helping clients find what it means to feel really good.  I started my career in physical training and nutrition and have evolved into somatic based coaching and whole-life care.  A few years ago I started noticing a pattern in some of my female clients, they were feeling disconnected from what was happening in their bodies and couldn’t explain why.  At the same time I was completing a Masters in Coaching Psychology and decided to perform an ethnography on menopause.  This led to the awareness that there isn’t enough community for women as we age and navigate the complexity of life and hormones and how we really want to feel.  I co-founded Hysterical in 2021, a community dedicated to creating whisper cultures around menopause.  Through the great work growing our network of resources, experts and awareness I discovered a gap in care that needs to be bridged.  Let me help you navigate your menopause transition so that you can feel like yourself and get up to the big work of your midlife and beyond.  

Sitting on Couch

“You couldn't pay me to be 20 again.”

Jane Fonda 

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